Wait, really? You want me to Sketch Something—Daily?

No, of course not. Well. Yes, we do. But we're not going to twist your arm.

What is SomethingApp.com?

SomethingApp isn't homework. It's not a stack of newspapers you haven't read. It's not a Dentist's note reminding you to brush twice, daily (although you really should). It's actually just a randomizer with a massive repository of delicious options. It's for that graphite-warrior in the coffeeshop who whispers to the ether: "What should I draw?"—and gets an answer. It's for that 30-hour bus you took to Kalamazoo because it was cheaper than a flight. SomethingApp costs nothing, and we'll sit next to you. We'll keep you company, and we don't smell bad. Oh, and we've got endless ideas. YES. Endless. Like Niagara Falls.

It's for growing your skill, sharing it, building a fanbase, conquering the world!*

*It's not for conquering the world.

How Do I Use This Thing?

You download the app from Google Play or the iTunes Store, just like all the cool kids are doing.

SketchSomething is for drawing.
ShootSomething is for picture-taking.
ScribeSomething is for all you wordsmiths that can write better than we can.

What happens next is particle physics and alchemy mixed together—you get three random subjects to Sketch, Shoot or Scribe!


Then upload your masterpiece to the center-stage of the world (this website) and stand back and behold the wonderment.

You're now part of a revolution in collaborative creative combat!

Me Against the World?   ( this thing: )

A WORLD WIDE CHALLENGE every day of the calendar year, you say?

Everybody gets the same three words, the best rating wins.

Easy enough? We don't think so. We think the fierce competition will keep you up at night.

And if you win? You'll be featured AD INFINITUM on the winner's page.


BUT with every update of this app (even the minor releases)

ONE HIGH RATED SKETCHER will have his artwork featured

on the loading screen of every mobile device on the planet!

( Yes, we can do that. We have that power. )*

*We can't.